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Looking for great social or rp events to hang out at? Party through the night? Meet new people?
Or do you want to set up and promote your very own venue? Have experienced hosts teach you the ropes?

What is Darkside?
Darkside is a discord based community all about mature social and rp events on the Light Datacenter of FFXIV.
Active since 2019 and originally only about 2 recurring events. The passion for events grew ever bigger. Sparking a wish to give back and spread what we learned. Eventually blossoming into setting up a discord server as a hub for more than just our original venues.
A strong focus on teaching others what we know and helping them learn how to realise their very own dreams and ideas.

We label ourselves as a hub for "mature" events. Despite the common associations with that term, we are far from exclusively hosting NSFW places. Mature in our case means emotional maturity.
For us, that is a cornerstone, both for our SFW an NSFW venues.
We not only require people to be over 18 on paper, we require them to behave in a way that we can actually believe it too.

Many events!
We and our multitude of hosts are eager to give you the best experiences we can. Be it a chill bar night with friends, partying on a dancefloor, relaxing in a cafe or spa all the way to your most lewd and depraved desires.
We got a place for everyone! Every day of the week!

"Your ideas, your events"

No matter your level of experience. Total beginners are welcome to learn and experienced veterans are welcome to advertise their existing gig or help coach.
Working with us means learning how to host your own successful venue. We and our community of experienced hosts will make sure you not only have, but also know how to use the tools you need. We'll never just hand you anything without effort, but we'll teach you how to get it all yourself. Once you got it all figured out and are ready to go, you can promote your creation to our whole community.
For what price? Totally for free! We will never demand anything from you.

Darkside is home to a wide array of different clubs, bars, pubs and other venues. Have a read through what they have to say about themselves!

A cozy nightclub which offers a place where Eorzeans can wind down from their adventures and enjoy themselves around other partying Patrons, our dedicated Staff or in private with one of our delicate Mints. Presenting a varied menu, carefully selected music, themed nights and offering an in-house bordello service as well as escort services outside of opening times and venue to make sure no Patron leaves with a bad aftertaste.

Is a (strictly SFW) social event that developed its unique, interactive ‘performance’ style around the theme of Light and Dark. With a rotating schedule of games and seasonal skits to mark special occasions, each Saturday is packed with prizes and even more fun, hosted in scenic Goblet by a team of distinct personalities.

BLUE Nightclub
Founded in early 2021, to be a place where you can dance in our industrial designed club or just lean back and enjoy some tasteful drinks and listen to some nice tracks. Diversity is an important thing in our club philosophy - that means everyone is welcome, no matter which race or sexual orientation you have. Join us for the night of your life!

Cafe Catfish
This lovely seaside themed café is the perfect spot to come relax and meet friends, or even bring your date! Open each Friday we invite you to come enjoy a cup of coffee, listen to the staff bicker and banter and join in on our games and activities! For better or worse the staff seem to be male Miqo’tes only? SFW venue.

The Flamingo
Is an 80s aesthetic bar, playing authentic music, live mixed by exceptionally talented DJs. Providing an immersive RP experience for those whom do RP, from our legendary bar staff to our talented Royals.
Open every Wednesdays, with theme nights to cap out each month, the club is dedicated to providing the best and most accurate blast from the past.

Fortuna Club & Casino
Is an immersive RP venue bringing the darker side of Eorzea to Light. Offering Casino Games, Companion Services, VIP and High Roller options, there are many facets to enjoy. Throughout the night we will explore the continuing story of Fortuna, its Staff, and bring you the Patrons along for the ride. Even we don't know what will happen next.

Harlots Hall
Light's oldest mature venue brings you weekly entertainment and relaxation from a long week.
Different stage shows every Friday and home to exciting date auctions.
After the show it keeps on going. Giving you space to relax in a smokey and mature atmosphere with a hint of raunchy class.

La Petite Mort
Is a Club and Cocktail Bar offering unique services on a Wednesday & Saturday. Have one of our talented bar staff mix you any drink you desire, dance the night away in our club with weekly themed events, or find your own piece of heaven in the arms of one of our 'Amours'.

The Luminary
Is a mature Nightclub taking you back in time every Monday with music from the '80s -'00s. Our talented bar-staff are eager to server you drinks from our special menu or if you want to spice up your night, take a look at what services our lovely dancers have to offer. We hope to see you shine on the dance floor.

Lion de Lune
Rising from the ashes of Show n' Tail. Lion de Lune is a winery that's steeped in it's owner's Bozjan tastes. Enjoy a night of classic Bozjan and Import alcohol; delicious bozjan treats and more at Lion de Lune. This one here

Nori Nightclub
The Nori is an old kugan mafia building turned into an asian style nightclub. We offer all kinds of exciting services and only the best music from the greatest eorzean DJs. Come join us for the best parties on mondays ❤️

Stray Sheep
The longest running weekly RP venue on Lich since 2017, The Stray Sheep is a friendly bar with a warm atmosphere, hosting events for Light DC, and a hub for roleplay. Interested in starting story based RP in a SFW venue, meeting or making friends, or just simply want a chill place for a drink? The Sheep is open every Sunday evening!

Nestled in Shirogane, Tsukiakari (meaning Moonlight) is an Eastern night club with loud music, bright lights and a brilliant atmosphere. With dancers to accompany you at your table or on the dance floor, special drinks with unusual effects, and a VIP program with exclusive benefits, Tsukiakari is the place to start your weekend, open on Friday nights!

And that's not all! Check our discord for more.

All our weekly happenings in one place!

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